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Other Consumer-Friendly MAXILUBE Products:

  • Injector Cleaner and Top End Treatment - DFT

    Our Exclusive do-it-yourself formula gives you professional results at a fraction of the cost.

  • Heavy Duty General Purpose Grease - XOG-802

    Maximum operating efficiency and equipment life with minimum maintenance and total cost.

  • PENEMAX™ Home and Shop Lubricant

    Non-hazardous penetrating synthetic formula; contains no petroleum distillates or solvents (USDA H-1 & H-2).

  • Food Grade Greases

    XOF-501 conventional and XOS-901 synthetic USDA H-1 water-resistant, wide-temperature-range white greases for food processing.

    XOF-502 conventional and XOS-902 synthetic USDA H-2 water-resistant, wide-temperature-range non-staining wear-resistant greases with MAXILUBE for food processing, paper-handling and industrial operations requiring white greases.

  • "5WAY" Precision Machine Oil

    Exclusive formulation with MAXILUBE to: Clean, Lubricate, Protect, Improve (performance), and Prevent (wear). Use for hunting, fishing, marine, consumer and industrial applications requiring high resistance to rust, wear, and water washout.

  • Diesel Fuel Extender - DFX

    U.S. Patented formula allows direct blending of vegetable oils with diesel fuels while maintaining performance of engines, fuel pumps and injectors.

  • Designer Lubricants

    Custom-designed solutions for your application-specific lubrication problems. Call our office for free consultation. In California, (559) 875-3800