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Our customers tell us stories...

"I treated my brand new Honda Accord with only 200 miles on it. On my first trip, only 350 miles, mileage went from 29 to 44 mpg."

"After treating our Crown school bus (Detroit Diesel 671 engine), mileage went from 7.1 to 9.4 mpg on long trips. That's 32% better mileage!"

"My 1988 Jeep Cherokee used to go 4,000 miles on a quart of oil. After adding MAXILUBE, I went on a 6,000 mile trip and used less than a pint. Also my mileage went from 24 to 26 mpg."

"My 27' motor home has a big block Chevy engine in it. After treating everything freeway mileage went from 8 to 10 mpg."

"Last January, I added one bottle of MAXILUBE injector cleaner and top end treatment to the gas tank of my '89 Ford Crown Victoria (302 V-8). After only 400 miles of freeway driving my mileage went from 17.9 to 22.0 mpg. Eight months and 30,000 miles later, I'm still getting 20-24 mpg depending on the gas I use."

"I put MAXILUBE in my brand new 1993 Chevy S-10 (v-6 engine) as soon as I got it home from the dealer. Now 13,000 miles later my highway average is 28.8 mpg which is 25% better than the EPA window sticker estimate of 23 mpg."

"A pint of your product in my John Deere tractor transmission and hydraulic system saved me over $12,000 in repairs when the pinion gear bearing retaining nut fell off."

"When tapping quarter-inch holes in 'gummy' aluminium, using conventional tapping fluid, taps broke every 4 or 5 holes. After switching to MAXILUBE-CO Cutting Oil, I tapped 600 holes using the same tap, all clean and perfect, and the tap was still in good shape. It only took 2 ounces of fluid for the whole job."

"My high-pressure water pump for my carpet cleaning service was running 3 hours on a tank of gas. Now it will go 4 and a half."

"Using MAXILUBE in our commercial bakery's dough pump gear box saves us about $4,000.00 per year on rebuilds. A few drops of MAXILUBE on one worn out conveyor bearing saved us from losing over $6,000.00 in lost product and downtime. MAXILUBE allows us to decide when we'll do our maintenance."

"I lost the coolant in my Blazer's 6.2 litre diesel engine pulling a grade in Alaska. After minor repairs I'm still running on the same engine. MAXILUBE saved me the cost of a replacement, or about $4,500."

"A stuck thermostat in my 92' LeBaron caused the engine to overheat and blow out 3 freeze plugs. I drove the car on home. My mechanic was amazed that there was no damage to the engine."

"I used my 1990 Peterbuilt truck and trailer to haul rock and sand in the mountains. After treatment, differential and transmission temperatures dropped 25-35 degrees F, and I pull grades in higher gears. MAXILUBE also saved my transmission when an oil cooler line broke up in the mountains. I drove home without oil and no damage."

MAXILUBE is used in all of this equipment