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I've got a couple questions...

Q: Is MAXILUBE like that "slick stuff" I hear advertised?

A: No. MAXILUBE is a new and totally different technology. It does not contain any resins, plastics, metals, sulphides, graphite, or any other solids that are supposed to coat the metal with a "protective" coating. So there's nothing to come off and plug your filter. Which also means it is safe to use in turbochargers, and since it doesn't contain any petroleum distillates, it's also safe for humans. MAXILUBE chemically changes the metal itself to reduce its inherent coefficient of friction.

Q: Will I get better gas mileage?

A: Probably, yes. Especially on older engines. With a few computer-controlled engines, a lot depends on the computer. Some allow better mileage, some don't. Customers report sizeable gains in pickups and campers with big V-8's as well as in little generators and lawn mowers.

Q: Will MAXILUBE damage my seals or cause leaks?

A: No. Actually the opposite is usually true. Leaks tend to go away. Keep in mind, however, that MAXILUBE effectively increases power, torque and RPMs, which increase pressures. Poorly maintained systems operating inefficiently may need old seals replaced to allow for increased power and pressures.

Q: Is MAXILUBE hazardous?

A: No. MAXILUBE is non-hazardous and non-flammable. It does not contain any solvents or petroleum distillates. As with any chemical: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! Read and follow label instructions.

Q: If MAXILUBE is so good, why don't manufacturers use this technology? Wouldn't it save resources and help the environment?

A: MAXILUBE does save resources and it does reduce waste and pollution in the environment (SMOG emissions are often reduced by 50% or more!), but remember that engineers design things to wear out so their companies can stay in business.

Q: Do I have to change the oil or do anything special?

A: No. Just pour in MAXILUBE and drive normally. Results are often noticeable within a matter of minutes. Since MAXILUBE is a metal treatment, not an oil treatment, you don't lose the treatment when you change oil. Just remember to add a little more MAXILUBE when you add or change oil or other lubricants. Then you'll always have maximum protection.

Q: You mean it's not a one-time treatment?

A: You can use it as a "one-time treatment" if you wish. It'll work better than any PTFE product on the market! But, friction and wear are a continuous process. And since a zero-friction, zero-wear system is a practical impossibility, doesn't it make sense to provide your equipment with continuous protection? Like the man said, "For best results, follow label instructions."